Our 10 year Build-Zone Structural Warranty product will protect your completed home against a defect in the design, workmanship or materials.


Self-build Site Insurance is essential for anyone planning an Extension, Renovation, Conversion or New Build.


A contract is the glue that seals the relationship between a client and their contractor, consultant or supplier and is crucial for your project.

Council Obligation to Provide Plots

Local planning authorities in England now have a legal obligation to service the delivery of sufficient serviced building plots to meet local demand for self-build and custom build homes under the new Housing and Planning Act 2016, which came into effect on October 31.


Dubbed the ‘Right to Build’, the initiative is intended to help those looking to build their own homes to fulfil their ambitions.

Despite this, more than 20 out of 326 local planning authorities have still not fulfilled the requirement to assess local demand by introducing and promoting a custom and self-build demand register – a requirement that came into effect on April 1, 2016.

Guided by the National Planning Policy Framework, each local authority will need to adopt policies to meet demand for serviced plots appropriate for its own circumstances.

In the UK, just over eight per cent of homes are self/custom built compared to 60 per cent in Germany, 50 per cent in Australia and 23 per cent in the USA.

The government aims to double the number of custom and self-build homes in England by 2020. This includes the conversion of buildings into homes, and the creation of apartment blocks.

Councils can apply for an exemption where demand exceeds land availability.


Self-Build and Design


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Self-storage Insurance for Self-Builders

If you are extending your house or premises as a self-builder then you may be considering placing some of your household goods into a self-storage facility during the duration of the build. If so,  then you will need to take out a self-storage insurance cover and this is where Store and can assist .

Not only can Store and offer a competitively priced scheme underwritten by the RSA but the insurance also includes cover for the goods during the course of the transit to and from the self storage facility.

Many self storage operators use the insurance to generate income by uplifting the rates but at Store and we are totally transparent in our pricing and our premiums are generally 40%-50% lower than those available from the self storage company.


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Relying on Home Insurance or your builder’s Public Liability Policy Renovation work not a good idea

Most ‘Home Insurance’ policies exclude cover for Renovation work and the builder’s Public Liability Insurance will require negligence to be proven, which can be extremely time consuming and expensive.


The Renovation Site Insurance policy from Self-Build Zone covers the property whilst being renovated, even if you aren’t initially living in it.  In addition, it covers all the new works and materials, right up to completion of the project (additional contents cover may be needed though).

More than likely you will have plant, tools and equipment on site and these will need to be covered.

We provide Employers’ and Public Liability insurance as standard as we know that other people, including family and friends, could be working on site and they may get injured or someone may cause damage to a third party or their property.  It is important that they are adequately protected and that also includes the cost of defending and/or pursuing a claim.

If you have a Party Wall Agreement in place, with one or more neighbours, you will probably be responsible for rectifying any damage caused to their property (however serious) so you should seek professional Party Wall advice in this respect and make sure you have adequate cover in place.

We can also provide JCT 6.5.1 Insurance. Read more ›

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18,000 sign up to right to build register

New research carried out by the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) has revealed that around 18,000 people have signed up to local authority custom-and self-build registers to exercise their ‘Right to Build’.



Since April 1, 2016 all local authorities in England are required to establish an accessible self-and custom-build demand register so that individuals and groups can record their interest to buy a serviced plot in their area and build their own home.

Additional legislation, which came into force on October 31, 2016, requires local authorities in England to give consent for sufficient serviced plots to meet the demand as shown on their register in the first base period (April 1 to October 31).

Data requested by NaCSBA under the Freedom of Information Act from 336 local authorities has revealed that around 14,300 people signed up to the registers between April 1 and October 31, 2016. Read more ›

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So, is it Risk Management with Insurance or Insurance with Risk Management?

Whichever way round you consider this to be appropriate the two are critical to each other and are inseparable.


Private Clients: Sennocke work on the basic principle that “You can always replace objects but you cannot replace people”.  

We are here to offer advice to help you achieve a ‘secure’ environment and in some cases, save you money. We have close connections with Physical Security and Alarm Companies which are helping supply high tech security solutions to our clients.

Some clients would rather manage their own risk by taking a large excess. This of course means that they are potentially exposed for large amounts and it is even more imperative that they take a proactive approach to Risk Management when it comes to security as they will have no recourse to Insurers.

It is a known fact that 60% of people are under-insured by as much as 40%. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that both their Buildings and Contents are adequately insured and failure to do so may result in a reduction in claims payment or in a worst-case scenario, insurers avoid any claim. Read more ›

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