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Constructing your home from scratch may be easier than you think

Building your home can much less daunting then what you initially thought because according the National Self Build Association, around 10,000 Britons will be building their own home this year

 Constructing your home from scratch may be easier than you think

It has been said that a self-built home can be a more cost-effective way of getting on the property ladder; however, amateur self-builders face some formidable challenges. Along with planning issues and finance, dealing with the actual construction and legal issues can be risky, and many self-builders find themselves going over budget.

With all of that said, there are now ways to cut the costs and the stress levels which accompany building your own home. There are around 20 British companies which now specialise in what the government calls ‘custom builds’, these companies provide a specialist developer service to take care of the whole process, which is often quicker and less risky than doing it all alone.

Ted Stevens, of the NSBA, said:

“They should be able to guide you through the maze, even those self-build purists determined to create something truly unique can benefit. Some custom-build developers offer a completely bespoke solution.”

Self-builder Simon Ryder and his wife Alex have watched ‘many mistakes’ on Channel 4’s Grand Designs and are determined not to repeat them. ‘We’ve gone for a hybrid option,’ says Simon, who wants a new home on the site of a Hertfordshire bungalow. ‘Our house will be constructed off-site and brought in. It takes far less time.’

Financial consultant Simon, 38, decided to build from scratch after helping many others raise finances for their own building projects.

‘I’m not normally a fan of new build but this way we get to create our perfect family home,’ he says.

Like many, he struggled to find a suitable plot. ‘They’re like gold dust,’ says Simon, who paid £460,000 for his, including around £60,000 in fees, and who has a budget of £350,000 for the build itself.

He estimates their five-bed, contemporary detached house will be worth around £900,000 when built – although making money wasn’t their motivation. ‘Far from it,’ says Simon. ‘We know it will be a difficult process but we think the results will be well worth it and hope to be in by Christmas.’



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