Our 10 year Build-Zone Structural Warranty product will protect your completed home against a defect in the design, workmanship or materials.


Self-build Site Insurance is essential for anyone planning an Extension, Renovation, Conversion or New Build.


A contract is the glue that seals the relationship between a client and their contractor, consultant or supplier and is crucial for your project.

How to make your self-build dream become a reality


A lot of people dream of the perfect home – so what if you could build your perfect home from scratch and make your dream a reality? A great way to get on the property ladder, the idea of self-building your perfect house does not have to remain as an idea.

According to the National Self Build Association there are 6 million people in the UK who would like to build their own home but only 1 million have started the planning process. Why is this? Read on to find out about how to build your own house.

There are a number of ways to become a self-builder, it just depends in how involved in the process you want to be; you could manage the whole design and construction process or just join a community project. Realistically the route you take depends on the time and money which you have.

Find a plot

The first step for any self-build project is finding a suitable plot of land; and it’s harder than it sounds. You need to ensure that you have the correct planning permissions and are considering all the rules and regulations when it comes to building property.

You can check websites such as Rightmove, self-build portal or speak to your local estate agents to source plots of land that are currently up for sale. If you are embarking on a community project or a group scheme the land and planning permission is likely to already be sorted.

Self-build mortgages

You can go to your bank or local building society to talk to an advisor about self-build mortgages. It is important to be aware that not all banks will offer a self-build mortgage; but there are deals available from certain lenders if you shop around.

Self-build mortgages work differently to residential mortgages; the funds you receive are released in stages so that you will not run out of money half way through your self-build project. Because of this lenders will want to see all of the detailed plans for the projects including projection of costs and planning permission details.

Site Insurance

Site insurance is fundamental for a self-build project. You need comprehensive protection for both the building and the rest of the site.

Protecting your site against fire, floor, storm damage and accident damage is important; and more often than not standard building insurance will not pay out on a loss involving a property under development.

What does it cost?

According to a report carried out by Lloyds Banking Group, the average self-build project (including land) costs £255,543.

Although this is higher than the average house price of £169,000 if you were to buy a residential property for more than £250,000 then you would have to pay stamp duty. With self-build stamp duty is only applicable on the land, which starts on values over £125,000.

There are other costs to bear in mind too – i.e. insurance, legal, somewhere to live whilst it’s being built as well as the furniture and fixtures.

Reference: This is Money

Self-Build Zone are a leading provider of site insurance, the 10 year structural warranty, buildings insurance, technical audits, building control services, health & safety to the self build, renovation, extension and home improvement marketplace.

Site Insurance is essential for anyone planning an extension, renovation, conversion or new build project. Self-Build Zone have several different site insurance options to protect your project during the build process, including flexible short term extendable policies as well as the traditional 2 year policy.

Self-Build Zone products include:

Site Insurance

Buildings Insurance

Structural Warranty

Building Control Services

Renovation Insurance

Code for Sustainable Homes

SAP Energy Ratings

Air Pressure Testing

Sound Testing

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